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December 8, 2008

Naxx and Chamber of Aspects

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We have made a few runs in Naxx and the Chamber of Aspects. Our guild was encouraged to take our time leveling up to 80 and enjoy the new quests so our raids have often had people that literally turned 80 with in a few hours. In other words, we are raiding with people only in blues and greens.

Given our gear and the fact that none of us have experience in Naxx, we have found the raids to have some challenges. Sure, the guilds that did Naxx on the test server or the level 60 raids have mowed through the content and call it easy. For us we are spending time learning the fights through wipes and making slow but steady progress.

Our first night in 10 man Naxx we went to the Spider wing. The first boss, Anub’Rekan, took about 5 attempts before we were successful. The first two wipes were due to me learning where and how fast to kite the boss. The others were due to the healers learning positioning to be in healing range but out of the silence area.

The second boss, Faerlina, also took a few wipes. We started by AOEing the 4 adds to about 30% in the beginning so they could be sacrificed quickly. Unfortunately that didn’t work well since the adds were dying too quickly. What worked better was to only have the OT and one hunter deal with the adds. They were able to time dropping the adds perfectly to stop the frenzy.

The third boss, Maexxna, stopped us cold. The only one in the raid that could cure the poison was the OT so we really had a poor group make up for that fight.

We went in a second night and made some attempts on Patchwerk. Unfortunately our usual OT wasn’t able to make it so we tried using a Death Knight instead. This Death Knight had only a partial tanking set and was far from uncrittable. He took way too much damage from the hurtfull strikes and the healers couldn’t keep him alive. We tried having me as the OT and him as MT but then Patchwerk kept critting him and again the healers couldn’t keep him alive. Our best attempt was when the DK dropped early in the fight and I took both the main hits and the hurtfull strikes. With 3 healers all on me we got him to about 50%.

Last night was our third night in Naxx and we had a good group. With 2 Shamans, a Pally and a Druid, we had plenty of dispells on Maexxna’s poisons. It is a frustrating fight for the MT since you can see yourself get poisioned and you are just hoping the others in the raid dispell quickly. Our first wipe was due to the raid getting wrapped in webs without me near full health. The second wipe came at the 30% enrage. None of us were prepared for the damage done with enrage. The third attempt was flawless. The healers were ready for the 30% enrage and I timed my shield wall to go up just before we all got webbed. Third boss down and Spider wing cleared.

After Maexxna, we went to Patchwerk. This time we had our usuall Pally OT with us. Since he had about 27K health buffed and I had 31K we decided to have him be the MT and me take the hurtful strikes. I drank an Indestructible potion before the fight and again towards the end of the fight to have the extra 3500 armor. In the last 15% I had to use shield wall and last stand to stay alive. At 10% our DK called his army of dead. Our 3 healers were having major mana issues by then. At 3% all heals stopped with the healers oom. At 1% all melee was wiped out. And then Patchwerk was down! We passed the “gear check” even though it was just barely.

We also have spent 3 nights in Chamber of Aspects. Our first time in we had a many wipes just clearing the trash mobs and the 3 mini-bosses. When we finally got to Sartharion we were only able to make a few attempts before the trash respawned. None of us had done our homework to know the fight so we weren’t prepared for the waves of lava. By the last attempt I had at least learned where to tank him and how to get there quickly. I was able to dodge the waves of lava without much difficulty. On our best attempt we got him to 7%.

The instance was reset by the time we got in there again. This time we had little difficulty clearing the trash mobs and mini-bosses. We made several attempts on Sartharion but our people just couldn’t dodge the lava waves consitently. Also, our OT was having trouble grabbing all the adds. Our last attempt, out of 8 or 9 attempts, went much better. We had a heartbreaker wipe, though, with Sartharion at only 8K health. Soooo close.

Our third night we still had the mini-bosses down so we cleared the trash mobs quickly. In the first 3 attempts the same healer just couldn’t stay out of the lava waves. On the 4th attempt the healer finally got it figured out and Sartharion went down.

Again, these raids aren’t nearly as tough to learn as say the fights in SSC or TK but still challenging to do them the first time and with crappy gear. Most importantly, we are having a great time. We are far from getting any server firsts and probably PUG groups have gone farther than we have but we are doing pretty well considering how slow most of us have been to level up. Just fielding 10 raiders has been a challenge. Now we are up to 30 people at level 80 so we are close to running 25 mans once again. If not this week then next week as probably another 25-30 people are level 76-79. Meanwhile, we will be doing as many 10 mans as we can to learn the fights.



  1. For Sartharion, the people who are calling where to go for the waves has to be quick. Make sure to put a mark on their head.

    And when they do call it have everyone stop what they are casting and just move. During the last few % just have everyone burn down the boss as the adds just get crazy. Just make sure your OT can grabem while you burn down the boss.

    Comment by Herc — December 8, 2008 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

  2. Had my first MT experience in Naxx yesterday, with a undergeared PUG. I was at roughly 30k fully buffed & potted. We cleared the spider wing on the second try on every boss. It occured to me just how undergeared the raid was when we couldn’t kill that gargoyle – he would always heal back up. DPS just was way too low.

    And regardless, we killed three bosses. To be honest, I consider myself a somewhat casual player and being far from hardcore-raiding. None of us had seen the encounters before. I’m a little disappointed. Sure, it’s nice that content is open to me. I was crazy about Naxx since I saw a friend raid it in the good ol’ 40 man version.

    But in fact spider wing seems easier than Utgarde Pinnacle heroic 😦

    Comment by Talldar — December 8, 2008 @ 5:21 pm | Reply

  3. That’s why it’s called the easiest wing =). Nothing in naxx will be comparable to Sunwell but hopefully youll find some to your liking.

    The hardest encounter in the game atm is Sartharion while keeping the 3 drakes alive. It’s tougher than 25man Malygos and we are still working on it.

    Comment by Herc — December 8, 2008 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

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