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December 9, 2008

Heroics thus far

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I didn’t do 5 mans very often in BC. I never got to where I knew the dungeons well enough to have smooth runs, even when I way over-geared them. Frankly, I just didn’t see the point of them anyway. When I joined a raiding guild Kara was already on farm along with Gruuls and Mags. Getting a weekly supply of badges was easy.

I decided things would be different in WoTLK. My plan was to learn all the dungeons early on and run a lot of heroics. One, just to be able to run them easily and not make an excuse when guildies need a tank. Two, Naxx isn’t on farm and I really need Emblems to get geared.  So here’s a summary of the heroics I have done thus far. I’m just shy of 80 Emblems to get my first peice of Emblem gear, the T7 chest.

Gundrak – I have run this one more than any other. The first run took 4 or 5 attempts per boss. Some of that was learning the fights and some of that was poor dps. After running this heroic 5 times and with our dps much higher we can usually clear the whole dungeon with only 1 or 2 wipes at the most.

Drak’tharon – I have run this one twice and both times there were 3 or 4 wipes. Not bad but not completely easy either. I imagine this instance will get easier with practice.

Violet Hold – Ran this once and had no wipes. By far the easiest and quickest heroic I have run. I hear the Voidwalker boss is tough but we didn’t get him.

Nexus – I have run this twice and the first 4 bosses were easy. On the first run we had a couple wipes on the last boss. On the second run we had no wipes at all.

Utgarde Keep – 2 runs with no wipes. The heroic is as easy to run at 80 as the regular mode was at 70. On the last run we pull 2 or 3 sets of mobs at a time and AOE’d them down. Having a healer that crits 22K on a greater heal made that possible.

CoT Stratholme – Ran it once and it was easy. We missed the timer for the drake by a minute.

Utgarde Pinnacle – Ran it for the first time last night. Everything was easy except the 3rd boss, Skadi. It took 3 attempts to get through the gauntlet with our healer still alive. Here’s what I learned:
If you have bad frame rate turn down the settings for spell effects.
While Skadi is in the air he will periodically have his dragon AOE one side of the whole length of the gauntlet so have someone call out which side so you can avoid it. Understand which side is which even when you are turned around.
Get to the door as quickly as you can without mobs slipping past you. Having a hunter’s pet pick up a mob if one gets past you to the healer really helps.
Don’t let casters hide by the door and shadow bolt your healer. (found out the hard way)
If the party can stay grouped up your Tclaps have a much better chance of keeping mobs off the healer. My healer wouldn’t get close enough which made things more difficult.
Have whoever shoots the harpoons give you plenty of warning when Skadi is coming down. Failure to grab him immediately means your healer gets killed. (found out the hard way).
Whirlwinds hurt. Even the tank. No need to get hit by it. He does move around on the whirlwind so be ready to pick him up when it stops.
If someone in your party isn’t on Vent you may want to replace him. (found out the hard way)
Stunning 12 mobs at once with Shock Wave may make you feel like a god for a couple seconds but that doesn’t mean you have aggro on all them. (found out the hard way)

Azjol Nerub – On the first run we couldn’t get through the pulls right before the 1st boss because we had weak dps. The second run went much better and we got through the first two bosses. We made about 5 or 6 attempts on the last boss before giving up. I just couldn’t grab aggro on all the adds. It was 3am so maybe I was just too tired. I need to redeem myself in there and I need the bracers that drop so I will keep working on that dungeon when I have willing guildies.

That leaves Occulus, Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning and Ahn’ket Old Kingdom that I haven’t done yet. I hear Occulus and Halls of Lightning are hard.

7 more emblems to go to get my T7 chest.



  1. I had basically the same issues than you did in Heroic A-N, but combined with people’s inability to dodge the spikes on the last boss. I ended up with the feeling that maybe bigger dps was needed, since i think the adds are supposed to go down fast, otherwise it’s pretty much impossible for a tank to hold everything.

    Comment by Anglachel — December 9, 2008 @ 4:00 pm | Reply

  2. No one, including myself, did well at avoiding the spikes. I wasn’t avoiding the pound ability very often either.

    Comment by Tankette — December 9, 2008 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

  3. Just be mindful of the pound ability. When he starts casting it run away. If you get pound the healer can still save you but that is waste mana that could have been used elswhere.

    As far as adds go. I usually concentrate on elites. I let the other dpsers handle the non-elites if I’m too busy grabbing the other elites.

    Yeah Spike is bad, you can really save your healer some precious mana if no one in group gets it.

    Comment by Herc — December 10, 2008 @ 3:28 pm | Reply

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