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December 10, 2008

Another epic night

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I logged on last night and realized I was a mere 7 Emblems of Heroism away from getting my T7 chest. With 2 hours until our Naxx raid I knew a couple quick heroics would do the trick. I grabbed a good healer from our guild and then started tracking down some dps. One of our best mages was willing but had to run to the store. I decided he was worth waiting an extra 10 minutes for. I grabbed one of our best DKs and the healer brought in a well geared hunter friend of his from out of the guild. The hunter ended up in our guild by the end of the night but thats another story.

Heroic Nexus = 5 easy badges. With the healer popping 22K greater heals and me being somewhat well geared we ran the place like we did in regular mode as we leveled up. 2 groups at a time, AOE dps, no stopping for mana. The healer also has a rediculous amount of mp5, something around 1K.

With 2 more Emblems needed I proposed hitting Utgarde Keep since its a fast run and even easier than Nexus. Understanding my hurry, I was easily convinced that Violet Hold was faster not to mention the mage could port us to Dalaran isntead of wasting time flying to Utgarde.

Violet Hold was also really easy. We rolled through the waves quickly. And when we dropped the last boss, surprise!! I hadn’t done my homework to even know these dropped: Bolstered Legplates http://www.wowhead.com/?item=43500 

From Violet Hold I went and turned in my badges for the T7 chest token and then went to the blacksmith to grab the actual piece of gear. Then to Ironforge to hit the AH. I bought a Frosthide Armor kit for the legs http://www.wowhead.com/?item=38373 , a 22 stam gem for the new blue slot and then for the 2 new red gem slots . . . dang, I don’t know?! Time wasted looking at all the gems on the AH. Time wasted looking up gems on internet sites. I finally decided on going for 2 Regal Twilight Opals http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=53971 for the 8 dodge and 12 stamina. Scanning the AH, scanning again, none. I bought the uncut gems and started looking for a JC. None in the guild were on. So I hit trade chat and figured a 50g tip would get someone’s attention. No, people were too busy spamming trade chat with stupid “my guild is uber your’s sucks” arguments. After 5 times I finally got 2 JC’s to respond. Neither had the pattern.

 At that point I remembered I still needed an enchant for the chest. I really like the way enchants can be put on scrolls now. I usually track down a guildie to get enchants but when I’m in a hurry I can usually grab what I need from the AH now. I had to think about it a bit on which one. I had been using 22 defense on previous chest armor but this time I decided to go for the 275 health.

The raid was starting at that point so I had resigned myself to going in without the two gems. It probably wouldn’t make any difference in the fights any way but I just hate not being at my very best. The raid leader began summoning people to Naxx when one of our JC’s logged on. Since I have fed her tons of gems I got from mining to help her level her JC skills, she was more than willing to cut me the gems in a hurry. Of course she didn’t have the pattern either. Luckily she had the JC tokens (or whatever they are called) to go buy the pattern. Gems cut and socketed. Summons accepted. In the instance and buffed right on time.

I don’t know whether that story is really interesting to read or not but it was one of those stressful situations that has a happy ending. I try to stay ahead of my guildies in gear to hopefully give our raids a little extra chance of success. The thought of going in without gems and enchants was mortifying to me. I am usually the one giving people a hard time if their gear isn’t enhanced to the fullest.

Last week we dropped 4 bosses in Naxx in 3 short nights. No record there, I know, but Naxx is totally brand new to all of us and many had just turned 80. Last night we dropped the same 4 bosses in 2 hours. 2 were one shotted – Faerlina and Patchwerk, and the other 2, Anub’rekhan and Maexxna took two attempts each. DPS was much better and the heals as well as healer mana even though we had 3 in the raid that just turned 80 over the weekend. Considering the prior week and the fact our raid leader had to log off for some emergency, I was pleased with the results.

After the raid I had planned to get to bed early but guildies talked me into running CoT Strat. The dps were 2 DKs and an Enhance Shammy – all melee. So much for killing everything AOE style. Still, the instance was easy even if we were a little slow to get through it. No wipes. Interesting, the Enhance Shammy lead dps even though he had no good gear and turned 80 2 days prior and the DK’s have had 2 weeks to get gear. They were all pretty close and ranged from about 1700-2000dps depending on the fight.

Not satiated, we debated which heroic to do next. We ended up in Ahn’khet Old Kingdom since the healer was hoping for a drop from the last boss. In the back of my mind I seemed to remember there being something I wanted in there too. Unlike the 3 previous heroics I mentioned in this post, Old Kingdom is not easy. Even the trash gave a good fight and we had a wipe. The healer knew the instance well and had us skip 2 bosses and go to the third, Prince Taldaram. This was a close fight but we one-shotted him. Then we went to the end boss, Herold Volazj. His insanity spells were irritating but not deadly. We did lose one dps but we still one-shotted him. And again surprise, another good tanking piece dropped: Bracers of the Herald http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37620 .

3 epics in one night! I’ve only got 6 more blues to replace now and 2 are trinkets that are pretty darn good. The main things I need are shoulders, belt, cloak and most of all the Red Sword of Courage http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37401 . I’m now over 28K health unbuffed. My defense has dropped some but I’m still at 542 while using my stamina trinket Essence of Gossamer http://www.wowhead.com/?item=37220 and somewhere around 555 when I use the Seal of the Pantheon http://www.wowhead.com/?item=36993 instead.

Next on the gear list is the belt from emblems, Waistguard of Living Iron http://www.wowhead.com/?item=40689 . I should have the 40 badges needed sometime this weekend since between Naxx and the 2 heroics afterwards I’m already holding 11 of them. And of course the Red Sword of Courage.  I’ll try to run Utgarde Pinnacle on a daily basis until it drops for me.



  1. I could use some help figuring out how to make links in the post where you can see the item with a mouse over and have the link show the item’s name instead of the web url. I’m such a noob blogger, lol.

    Comment by Tankette — December 10, 2008 @ 7:33 pm | Reply

  2. This is how I’ve done it on other sites, not sure how if it’ll work here or not.

    [item]Bracers of the Herald[/ item]

    Without the space between / and item.

    Comment by Deadbillybob — February 3, 2009 @ 3:25 pm | Reply

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