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December 30, 2008

Naxx, gear, etc.

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It has been a while since I’ve made a post. I have been playing heaps but haven’t found time to post about it.

I have hit a plateau on gear for the last week or so. I can’t complain too much though because I’m doing well with gear. My Beimba score is sitting at 442. The only items I have that aren’t epic are my 2 trinkets, which might as well be purple and Tankspot has ranked as the 2 best tanking trinkets Indestructible Alchemist’s Stone   Essence of the Gossamer , and my sword.

My sword. I’m still using Infantry Assault Blade . For those that are wondering about using a slow weapon, I’m not having any troubles with threat. I do switch to  Eternally Folded Blade on a few encounters in heroics when there are a bunch adds, like on the Skadi fight.

The Skadi fight in U Pinnacle is one of the toughest fights I’ve found in WoTLK so far. Even using the boss resets the fight is tough. I have had 4 groups that just couldn’t get past Skadi after about 10 tries each. I’ve also had about 7 or 8 runs where we did get past him. Still no sword drop.

No sword drop from Gothik the Harvester either. We’ve killed him 3 times in 10 man Naxx so far.

Naxx has been challenging for our guild. Only 1 person did Naxx at level 60 so the fights are all brand new. We are making slow but steady progress. Our 10 mans have cleared the Spider wing, the Military wing, Patchwerk and Noth. We’ve gotten stuck at Grobulus and Heigan. We only spent one night on each so I’m sure we’ll get it down with more attempts.

On 25 man Naxx we are seriously gimped on healers. We are trying to run with 5 and sometimes only 4 healers, and those include the priests that are needed for mind control on Faerlina and Razuvious. We have cleared the Spider wing and killed Noth. We made a ton of attempts on Razuvious but with 2 priests doing MC we only had 3 healers. With such a problem with heals we only attempted Patchwerk a few times. We had about 4 tries on Heigan but we failed miserably on the dance.

Sartharion without drakes is easy and we’ve killed him several times in both 10 man and 25 man. Same with the Vault. We have made some attempts on 25 man with one drake up but we weren’t successful.

I am still having a great time with WoTLK. Besides the nightly raids, I spend a lot of time running heroics. I haven’t finished Old Kingdom or AN yet and haven’t attempted Occulous or Halls of Lighting yet. When not raiding or doing heroics I split my time between farming eternals and titanium in Wintergrasp and leveling up my Priest.

I have enjoyed farming in Wintergrasp. When will the Orc Hunter’s realize it isn’t a smart idea to try to gank a prot warrior with 30K health? LOL, I kill their pet and then I kill them (5 or 6 times now) . Same for a Lock that tried to gank me the other day. DK’s tend to own me.

I finally hit 77 on my Priest last night so it is magic carpet time. Now I can farm herbs for some extra income. I quested with my son all through Borean Tundra and Dragonblight and it was a lot of fun. He was my mage tank and I bubbled and healed him. He could take out about 10 mobs at a time spamming arcane explosion while I spammed greater heals. We were also able to do most of the 3 man and 4 man quests with just the two of us. Alas, the kid gets bored easily and has several other games he has been playing lately. Hopefully he and his friend will stick with WoW and get to 80 soon. They are at level 76 & 75. I miss not having them in the raids

Our guild has done some raids on Horde cities that have been a blast! I guess the Horde guilds are pretty gimp on our server because we get very little resistance. We got all the city bosses again last night except Sylvanus. Another raid had already killed him/her? and apparently it takes 2 hours for respawn. That’s the only one I’m missing for the achievement and Black War Bear.

Speaking of mounts, I got the Ice Mammoth from Son’s of Hodir and the Black Mammoth from Stone Keeper Shards. That put me at 50 mounts so I got the Albino Drake. He is much cooler looking than the griffon I’ve had forever.

WoTLK = good times!


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  1. Sylvanas is definitely a chick! Someone doesn’t know their Warcraft lore! ANYHOO! 😛 I find that for the Skadi fight in H UP it’s easier to dash to the end of the guantlet and fight there, making it impossible for the whole thing to get filled up with mobs. Of course I’m a paladin so I use Holy Wrath whenever it’s up and Consecrate, but dodging the proto-drakes breath and AoEing the mobs at the end of the guantlet at the door is much easier. Also, it makes it super easy to get the acheivement! Good luck 😛

    Comment by Adrexis — January 2, 2009 @ 7:01 am | Reply

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