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January 5, 2009

Naxx so far

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Our guild is still finding plenty of challenge in Naxx. We are getting close to a full clear on 10 man and now have 2 wings down on 25 man. I’ll give a run down of the challenges we faced with each boss.

Anub’Rekhan – We wiped a couple times as I learned to kite the boss around the side and accidentaly stepped in the slime. The biggest thing to learn was for the healers to keep me in range without getting into the locust swarm spell. The fight is pretty much the same in 10 man and 25 man. After wiping a few times learning the fight it is now an easy boss fight and always a one shot.

Grand Widow Faerina – On 10 man we wiped a few times because dps used aoe spells even after being told not to. The fight is all about timing the kills of the followers. We found the easiest method to get the timing right is to have a hunter soley responsible to bring down the followers while the OT held them all. On 25 man we went with having a priest mind controll a follower. We had some wipes because MC broke too early. Our biggest challenge was our shortage of healers. We went in a couple times with only 4 healers and 1 of those had to pull off of healing to do the MC. This boss is now pretty easy for us now on both 10 man and 25 man.

Maexxna – We had trouble clensing the poison on me, the MT, when we first tried this boss. Once we got that down we were wiping when people were thrown on the wall and webbed. We finally got past that problem by getting our best dps guys assigned to getting people unstuck and having backups. After those problems were addressed we were wiping at the enrage at 30%. First off the healers had to learn to heal me more intensely. Second, we learned to wait for the web spray to hit before pushing the boss below 30%. That ensured we only got one more web spray for the fight. Finally, I learned to time my shield wall and last stand just before that last web spray. I have still been getting killed in the last 5 % or so but an OT can take over. Same issues for 10 man and 25 man but this boss is also a pretty easy kill for us now.

Instructor Razuvious – I’m not sure why our raid leaders decided to hit the Military Wing next because it seems tougher than the Plague Wing. We had a heck of a time learning to MC the understudies. We wiped about 10 times before me and the OT figured out what we were doing and got the boss down. That was in 10 man. The next week when we went to drop him again we had a different OT so he had to learn the ropes too. The latest time we did it on 10 man we one shotted the boss. 25 man is another story. You have to use priests to MC. MC’s break sometimes. Our biggest problem beyond the priests figuring out how to tank the boss was just a lack of healers. Again we were faced with only 3 healers after taking out the priests. We tried this boss 2 different nights with 10+ tries each night and haven’t come close to dropping the boss. We now have more raid healers available so I think this boss will go down the next time we get to him.

Gothik the Harvester – We haven’t faced this boss on 25 man but we have one shotted him every time on 10 man. I always tank the living side with 2 dps and 1 healer while the OT, 2 healers and 3 dps go to the undead side. The fight is very much like running a 5 man at the beginning. I am running around like crazy trying to hold aggro on everything and keeping the mobs off the squishies, especially the healer. Challenging Shout FTW. I did lose the healer once but that time the healer was a Shammy and self rezzed. Once the boss comes down the fight is really easy. Overall the fight can be hectic but still very easy.

4 Horsemen – I hear this fight is easy for 25 man. 10 man has been a big challenge. Our first problem was getting the right classes into the raid so the 2 guys in the back could stay alive while we killed the 2 up front. Having a Holy Pally and a Warlock in back has worked well. Once we got that figured out our challenge became the switch on the two bosses upfront. I had no problem getting my boss on the changeover but the Pally OT sure did. He would either fail to grab his new boss or end up grabbing both bosses. We finally just had a DK running with the OT do the taunt and then the Pally OT would grab the boss from him a few seconds later. We also had to learn to stay grouped up during the meteor and also time the switches to do them when there was no meteor. All in all we probably wiped 20 times before we got the bosses down for the first time. The second week we tried him it took about 3 tries.

Noth the Plaguebringer – This was one of the easier fights for us so far. It only took a few attempts to get the decurses down and for the dps to pause when the boss does his aggro dump. Getting the adds can be hectic but our tanking crew did a good job. The fact that we normally run with 4 tanks during 25 mans really helped.

Heigan the Unclean – I can’t dance. My guild can’t dance. Screw it, we don’t dance anymore. It took a few tries to figure it out but we found a very small spot by the door to the next boss where everyone can stack on top of each other and take no damage from the green stuff. I tank him right in the center of the platform. Melee dps is on the platform with me during phase 1 and piled on the safe spot during the second phase. I take damage from the acid during the second phase but the healers just heal me through it. Ya, we are kinda cheating and hopefully we’ll eventually learn the dance but I don’t have a guilty conscience about it. Same strategy for 10 man and 25 man.

Loetheb – We first tried this fight on 25 man. The fight would have likely been a one shot if 20 of our 25 hadn’t failed to get into the room before they got locked out. 5 of us got the boss down to 85%. When we beat the door boss we beat Loetheb pretty easily. I MTed for the first 25% but then someone killed a spore beside me and couldn’t continue building threat. Luckily there was another tank that hadn’t been spored and he took over. I tried to find a safe spot to get the debuff off of me but wherever I went I got the debuff again. I finally just stood right on top of the OT that had taken over and the debuff wore off. I took over the tanking for the last 30%. I think we were getting close to the enrage timer but we made it. On 10 man the fight was an easy one-shot.

Patchwerk – This fight is always called a “gear check” and that was the case for us. Our first attmepts were on 10 man. We had a DK tank wannabe try both the MT position and the hatefull strike position. Fail. Over and over. The next night we tried it we had one of our regular pally OTs take the MT position and I took the hatefull strikes. This went much better. Our healers failed at the end when they all went oom. They all switched their heals to only be the biggest and most mana efficient and then we got him down. We have one shotted him every time since then. 25 man was another story. The damage from the hatefull strikes trippled and the healers had never had to heal so intensley. They just weren’t prepared. Often the fight was a wipe in the first few seconds. On our second night of attempts we tried 6 healers instead of our normal 5 but the results were the same. So we brought in a 7th healer and we got him to about 75%. How depressing. Everyone wanted to quit and go try Razuvious again but our raid leader was determined. The next attempt we got him to 60%. Next 40%. Next 25%. Next 5%. And finally a kill! It was a giant learning experience for our healers as well as a huge morale booster for our whole guild.

Grobbulus – It took 3 nights of attempts to get this boss down on 10 man. Having new people each time didn’t help. We tried me at the MT position for a lot of the attempts but the pally OT was struggling to grab the slime adds. He would either not be able to grab them quickly or he’s grab the add and the boss. We finally figured out that with my single target taunt I had a much easier time with the adds and the pally could MT just as easily as I could. We Grobbulus down finally this past weekend. We haven’t tried it on 25 man yet. I am fearful that it will be much harder.

Gluth – This fight is easy to MT. You really need 2 OTs to handle the fight in a 10 man. Our first attempt we got him to 50% before he started eating the adds and healed up. We had a dps DK trying to handle all the adds but he couldn’t hold aggro on all of them. During that attempt our pally OT would be on the boss with me so we could take turns tanking to keep the damage debuff under controll. For our second attempt we switched the DK and Pally. We got the boss to 30% before he started eating the adds. We timed the taunts to where the DK only had to tank the boss a few seconds at a time and that worked well. The third attempt was pretty much flawless and Gluth was dropped. We haven’t tried this boss yet on 25 man but I think it will be pretty easy.

That’s it for Naxx so far. We have 3 bosses left on 10 man and 8 left on 25 man. Our gear keeps getting better and we have about half the 25 man raids with Beimba scores over 400. We are weeding out the cluless people as we are having more guildies to choose from. We now have over 50 level 80s.

So maybe all the Sunwell guilds find Naxx to be a yawner but for our guild it has been a lot of challenge and fun. None of us had done Naxx at 60 so it is all brand new content to us.



  1. […] if you want to hear a similar story from another bloggers view point Tankette had, very similar to the problems we have […]

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  2. Just a small hint for the four horsemen, if any of the switch tanks for Baron Rivendare and Thane Korth’azz is having trouble selecting their new target during a switch, just make targeting macros:
    /tar Thane
    /tar Baron
    it makes the switch absolute peanuts.

    Good luck

    Comment by Kranmar — January 8, 2009 @ 9:20 am | Reply

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