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January 9, 2009

Gothik down, Beimba up

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Another raid night and another boss down. Our raids keep progressing on a steady pace. We had started last week with only the Spider wing ever cleared before in heroic Naxx. We finished that week with Spider Wing, Plague Wing cleared and our first kill of Patchwerk.

So this week we were ready to move forward but we always start with clearing the bosses we’ve done previously. We started Tuesday’s night’s raid with Obsidian Sanctuary. We mowed through the place with ease. We really ought to be trying to leave a drake up but unsuccessful attempts would eat up too much time. From there we took a brief detour to the Vault in Wintersgrasp. A lot of the times the loot there isn’t worth much but 2 easy Emblems of Valor in about 10 minutes is a good bargain. Then we hit Naxx. The Spider Wing has been on farm a couple weeks so it wasn’t a big surprise to one-shot all 3 bosses. The efficiency was quite commendable though and soon we were on to the Plague Wing. We only killed the Plague Wing bosses for the first time last week so when we once again one-shotted the whole wing we were really stoked. 3 hours, 8 bosses, 12 Emblems of Valor, no wipes. I don’t think we have ever had such a flawless raid night.

Wednesday we were supposed to form 2 ten man Nax groups. Instead we had 25 back in Naxx again, on our “off night”. I posted about it yesterday but we finally got the priests trained enough on the MC to get Razuvious down. We had time to try Gothik the Harvester, who kicked our butts.

Last night, one of our regular raid nights, we went back to Gothik with a strong determination to learn whatever we had to learn and get him down. We found that just shifting one person between the dead side and the live side made one side able to survive and the other wipe. What finally worked was having me, a pally tank and a dps DK tank the live side and a druid tank, pally tank and a warrior tank on the dead side. We kept getting closer and closer with each attempt but just as the live side would barely complete the adds the dead side would get overwhelmed. We finally got practiced enough at tanking all the mobs that we could slow down our kills towards the end of the fight and thus the dead side didn’t get overwhelmed. I can’t remember how many wipes we had but it was a lot. Our raiders were determined but patient and it finally paid off with a kill. We won’t go back for the 4 Horsemen until Sunday but I am pretty confident we’ll have our 3rd wing cleared this week.

Our gear keeps getting better and better. I’ve been tracking all our raiders’ Beimba scores and pushing everyone to get every upgrade they can. I get irritated with people that have a poor item that could be replaced with something crafted. There’s no shortage of people willing to help with mats.

I’ve set a standard that no one should be in our raids if their Beimba score is below 300. Those people wouldn’t be able to contribute much to a raid anyway and they just haven’t made much effort to get geared. I don’t think they should be carried and given epics. Between 300 and 400 I think is marginal but ok. These people have been at least making some attempts to get geared. Some were slower to hit 80, perhaps.

Those over 400 I think are adequately geared for a full clear of heroic Naxx. Of our 50 or so raiders, 18 now score over 400. There were only 12 last week and only 4 the week before. We have obviously been handing out a lot of boss loot and people have also supplemented with epics from heroics and emblems of heroism. My prediction is that when we get a raid with all 25 people with scores over 400 we will have a full clear of heroic Naxx.


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  1. The trick to Gothik is to have someone on the undead side call out if they’re getting overwhelmed. The live side can stop dps for a few seconds, and it starts to even out again.

    Comment by Namthe — January 12, 2009 @ 1:24 pm | Reply

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