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January 12, 2009

Naxx, Naxx and more Naxx

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We once again had about 25 or so people ready to raid on Friday night. Our GM was determined that we were running 10 mans though. The first 10 man raid group was quickly assembled and left for Naxx at 6 server. I opted for “the late run” starting at 8 server. When 8 came around we had 17 people wanting to go. Me, the pally tank, and 3 healers were set. The dps all rolled to see who got to go. I was pretty disappointed with who won because we ended up with 4 melee dps and only one ranged, a mage I had never run with.

Turns out that I was lucky in the raid I got. The first 10 man was struggling. My 10 man one-shotted everything in the Spider wing. Then we one-shotted everything in the Plague wing. Then we one-shotted everything in the Military wing. We stopped at 11 server. Meanwhile the other raid struggled with every boss. They got through the Spider and Plague wing. The Military wing gave them even more trouble and they couldn’t get past the 4 Horsemen in the end.

Saturday night we tried to keep the same raids going. The first group again organized quickly and got going again at 6 server. My raid was itching to go but one of my favorite healers wasn’t on yet so I stalled. The rest of the raid was ready to go and said to replace him. At 7 server I brought in a replacement healer, my son who didn’t really feel like raiding, and I changed our destination to Obsidian Sanctuary. We mowed through the place as usual. We really ought to try leaving a drake up but we didn’t. On to Naxx. My son dropped so we went in with 9. I told the raid we’d clear trash in the Construct wing and if we got to Patchwerk before the healer got on line we’d again find a replacement. The healer logged on just as we were pulling the first of the trash mobs.

We had a couple of the melee from Friday night replaced with ranged. Not by any choice, the original guys just weren’t on. The raid continued to rock though. Patchwerk was a one shot. We only had one kill of Grobbulus ever, which had taken at least 20 attempts, so I was dreading the fight. This time we got it done in only 3 attempts. Considering only 2 of us had been in the previous kill I thought that was really good. We had the pally tank MT while I handled the slime adds. We came close to one-shotting Gluth but the pally tank got killed while kiting all the adds. We got him the second time.

Now were were in uncharted territory since none of us had been beyond Gluth. I had read up on Thaddius and the fight sounded hard. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Having the tanks thrown between the platforms in the beginning was fun. Somehow we lost 2 dps on the jump down to Thaddius. We got some practice handling the charges at least. With 2 dps down we couldn’t beat the enrage timer. Our second attempt was pretty much flawless and Thaddius went down. Guild first for 10 man. 4 Wings cleared. It was late by then but we went and gave Sapphiron a half hearted attempt just to see the fight. Sapphiron looks pretty cool and I think the fight will be fun. I got 3 pieces of frost resist gear made to help. I am hoping we’ll get in there again tonight.

The other 10 man raid didn’t go so well. After another 10 failed attempts on 4 Horsemen one of the tanks gave up and went to do pvp. The rest of the raid was not happy about that. Down but not out, the melee dps warrior respecced to prot, changed some gear and was ready to give it a shot. Another dps came in to take his dps spot. I think it took 3 more tries but they got 4 Horsemen down. The dps turned prot warrior was a hero. They went on and killed Patchwerk but gave up after a few attempts on Grobbulus because it was so late.

Sunday night we were back in Naxx with 25. We had left off on Thursday with several failed attempts on 4 Horsemen. It took a few attempts but we finally got the kill. It was an ugly kill with only 8 of us alive at the end but we did it. 3 wings cleared on heroic Naxx bumped us up a little on the progression for guilds on our server.

We went on to Patchwerk. The heroic version seems a ton tougher than the 10 man. I finally got to where I just quit watching my health since it was beyond my control. I made sure to have TClap, Demoralizing Shout and Commanding Shout all up and just focused on dps. I was taking hatefull strikes at about 22K a pop. I was hit twice in a row (no dodge or parry) and got no heal in between. I was down and we wiped at 80%. On the second attempt the healers kicked butt and we took Patch down. The MT died at 1% but he was the only raid death.

Grobbulus with 25 people dealing with injections, adds, etc. was something I dreaded. We got in there without much time left in the raid so we figured we just let everyone see the fight. It turns out that everyone caught on quick. It helped that 2 10 man groups had seen the fight the night before. We got him to 40% on the first try. That was a pleasant surprise so we figured we would give it just one more try. Everyone was on their game. It is just such a great feeling when all 25 have their heads on straight and stay focused. Globbulus was dropped on our second attempt. Another new boss down for GBU.

Oh ya, I forgot that the Heroes Surrender dropped off of Patchwerk and I picked it up. Its not only one of, if not the, best tanking shields in the game, it looks pretty darn cool too.

Yep, it was another great weekend of raids. Naxx is starting to feel like home. Monday is typically a non raid night for our guild but I imagine we’ll end up back in Naxx tonight. I’d like to finish off Naxx in 10 man with just Sapphiron and Kethulzad left to go but it would also be pretty sweet to finish off the Construct wing with 25. We now have 26 people with Beimba scores over 400. A full clear isn’t far away.


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  1. Nooo! Don’t use Frost Resist for Saph, its such a small part of the damage you take. A Paladin Aura / Totem / MoTW provides plenty of resistance.

    And grats on that shield! My guild has only ever had one drop (and non of KT’s shield), so I’m still rocking the Skull of Ruin.

    Comment by Yakra — January 14, 2009 @ 8:32 pm | Reply

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