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January 15, 2009

And more Naxx

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Late Monday night we got our 10 man Naxx going again. Having never really made a serious attempt at Sapphiron I wasn’t optimistic. We figured it was worth a shot though with the reset looming for the next morning.

Sapphiron turned out to be fairly easy. I was the only one with frost resist so its obviously not needed. It took 2 wipes to learn positioning. The third attempt took a long time but we downed him with no deaths.

Kel’Thuzad was a little tougher. Our OT had to drop after a few attempts so I ended up trying to solo tank everything. That got pretty tough on the last 40% when the 2 big adds come out. Our first several wipes were from not getting people that got put in the ice blocks healed quickly enough. We had 3 healers so it was just a matter of getting them spaced throughout the raid. With that problem solved we wiped 2 times because I was taking so much damage tanking the 2 adds plus KT. Again the healers adjusted and figured out how to keep me alive through it all. KT went down and we got our first clear of Naxx on 10 man. Heroic mode isn’t far away.

We gave Malygos about 10 tries last night but didn’t do better than 57%. Horrible frame rates were our biggest challenge. The first phase doesn’t seem too hard.


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  1. P2 Malygos Lag is actually a problem that Blizzard has admitted to – the server has issues with it, esp. around deep breaths.

    If possible, work on him during non-Tuesday nights of the week, and offpeak hours. And don’t even try when Wintergrasp is contested : P

    Comment by Yakra — January 15, 2009 @ 6:27 pm | Reply

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