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January 19, 2009

And then there’s even more Naxx

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Naxx has become my new home. I think I’ve been in there every night for at least two weeks.

Last night we were doing heroic. We left off on Thursday night with 3 wings cleared and several wipes on Grobbulus. With everyone refreshed and ready to go we one-shotted him in what seemed to be an easy fight.

On to Gluth, who we’d never faced in heroic before. Most of us had downed him in 10 man so we knew the fight, well, except for the fact he hits a little harder. I charged in and quickly moved him to the back wall. The problem was my healers weren’t so fast and I dropped. An OT picked up Gluth but it was chaos after that. Gluth kept absorbing the adds and after 3 minutes he was back to 100% health. I moved slower to the back wall the next attempt and the healers made sure they ran to get into position. We had our two pally OT’s deal with the adds and I had a dps DK with me to taunt when I had too much of the debuff. The debuffs kept coming and my health was just fine. At the 5th stack I asked the DK to taunt. He did and just had to survive 5 seconds for my debuff to clear. He died right as the debuff came off. I taunted and we were back in action. Gluth’s health was dropping steadily and the adds were all being handled perfectly. When I was back at 5 stacks of the debuff I had a ret pally taunt. Again, I had it timed to where I only needed 5 seconds to clear the debuff. I got my 5 seconds but the ret pally died. I taunted and we continued on. When I had 5 stacks again I hit shield wall. At 6 stacks I hit last stand. And then Gluth fell. Another new boss kill for our guild.

Thaddius was our IQ check. I was the first to fail. I kept joking that the jump was further on heroic than the 10 man since I kept missing the jumps. We also learned the hard way that if you miss the jump and don’t have a charge, you will shock both positives and negatives. You have to wait until you have a charge and then jump to that side. Beyond that, we had people that just failed to move when their charge changed. Lag? Brain fatique? Just not paying attention? I don’t know but we wiped about 8 times before calling it. Our best attempt was 28%. He hit enrage at that point. Too many dps had died early in the fight. Oh well, I think we’ll be in there again tonight.

As for 10 mans, I insisted this week that our GM come to my raid instead of the other 10 man. Similar to last week, the first raid group started Friday night at 6 server. They had some struggles. Our raid started 2 hours later and we one-shotted almost every boss we came to. We ended the night on Grobbulus with the other 3 wings down. The other raid group was still running when ours quit and they just finished their 3rd wing.

Saturday night I had no internet service. I checked every 5 minutes for hours, pissed. My internet connection didn’t return until mid day Sunday. Luckily my 10 man was able to find a second tank and they continued on without me. Apparently lag and dc’s were a major problem. The finally got Grobbulus down after 5 tries. It took them 2 tries for Gluth and then they one-shotted Thaddius. They made a few attempts on Sapphiron but never got close. The other 10 man group had better luck and cleared the Construct win and dropped Sapphiron.

We scheduled to finish off both of these 10 mans on Monday night. But since we only have 3 bosses to go on heroic, I figured the 10 mans will get brushed aside. So after we failed on our heroic run with Thadius, I managed to get my 10 man back together. It was late but we only had 2 bosses. Sapphiron gave us trouble because the Ice Storm spell (Blizzard) always seemed to move on top of us when we were hiding behind the ice blocks from the ice blast. At least it took only a few minutes to make another attempt after a wipe. I think it took 7 tries but we got him down. We gave the key to Eye of Eternity to our GM. It was a cool moment.

KT was all that was left. We had 5 people that hadn’t done the fight before so we spent extra time explaining everything. Healers knew where to stand, melee new where to stand. The hunter knew when to misdirect, etc. Phase one went well until the very end. I was tanking an abomination when another one came from my blind side. I saw him and went to pick him up but he one-shotted a healer. Going into phase 2 with only 2 healers had me worried but we hung on. At phase 3 I had one of the adds misdirected to me. Something happened on the second misdirect because the add went after another healer. I found him and taunted him but again a healer was killed. That healer was a priest so he could keep healing for a while after death. That kept me going as I quickly built threat on both adds and then got back onto the boss. At 30% there was just one healer to keep me alive with the boss and two adds beating on me. She struggled but I was staying alive. It looked bad at 20% so I hit shield wall. That helped the healer get me back to full health. At 10% it was looking desperate again so I hit Last Stand. Then a healing potion. Then a health stone. And then KT was dead! It wasn’t as sweet as my first KT kill last week but it still felt good. Seeing the achievements pop up for 5 more people, including our GM and another one of our raid leaders, was great too.

Tonight I guess it will be more Naxx. If we can get 25 people that can focus there’s no reason we can’t get Thaddius down at a minimum. There’s really no reason we can’t get our first clear. And after we do that the other 10 man can go finish KT in their raid. It will be sweet to have 2 10 man Naxx clears as well as our first 25 man Naxx clear all in one week.


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