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January 20, 2009


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We didn’t get a chance to try to finish Heroic Naxx last night. The second Naxx 10 man still had KT to drop and they had a very hard time. I don’t know how many attempts it took them but they were in there at least 3 hours before they got the kill.

Meanwhile the 10 from my Naxx group moved on to Malygos. We tried several different strategies but just couldn’t get through the first phase. Managing the sparks was a problem. People getting killed in the whilwinds was an even bigger problem. Our best attempt was about 60%. The strategy that seemed to work the best was to have a ranged dps at each spawn point for the sparks and them to kill them ASAP. I tanked Maly dead center on the disc. We had tried kiting him around previously but every time a whirlwind ended he’d end up getting a spark just after.

It didn’t help that I was tired. I made mistakes that were just dumb. On the last attempt I had trouble with getting Maly positioned on the initial pull and he killed half the raid with his arcane breath. All I could do was laugh. Sometimes a big screw up provides good entertainment.

It is a new week now. I’m hoping for 2 more 10 man Naxx clears and our first Heroic Naxx clear. I doubt we’ll get a kill on Malygos but hoefully we can at least get the first phase down.


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