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January 21, 2009

The toughest boss of all

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Lag. We were determined to raid last night no matter what. Our server kept crashing so just getting to Naxx was a challenge. Northrend crashed about every 5 to 10 minutes so we had most of the raid go to Ironforge. From there we used Warlock summons to get people into Naxx one at a time.

We were safe from the crashes and disconnects while we were in Naxx but the Lag Boss was still formidible. Several times we thought about calling the raid but we would say, “lets just give it one try”. The Spider wing has become very easy for us but the lag made it a challenge. Each boss kill was down to the wire and just barely a victory but we managed to one-shot the three bosses.

We again thought about calling the raid but decided to give the Plague wing a try. Noth the Plaguebringer was tough since many time the curses couldn’t be dispelled because of the lag. And the adds went from showing up at a spawn point, being stuck there for 2 seconds, and then all the sudden they “blinked” straight into all our clothies. Again, it was a very close fight but we one-shotted him.

Heigan was next. Our guild hasn’t danced and frankly I think we will have a hard time learning it. We have used the safe spot near the back door to nuke Heigan down with no dance. Well, we now need to learn the dance because the safe spot apparently was fixed with the patch. Given the lag, we decided it was a bad night to learn to dance.

So we turned tail and went to the Military wing. Our priests have the Razuvious fight down. Even with lag it was easy. Gothik the Harvester was more difficult. Again, mobs would freeze at their spawn point and then “blink” past the tanks towards the healers. We wiped right when the boss came out. We got him down on the second attempt. The lag seemed to lessen by the time we got to the 4 Horsemen. The single target taunt that the pallies now have really helped make the fight easier too. We one-shotted the 4 Horsemen and called it for the night.

We changed our raid plans for this week. Every night is 25 man Naxx until it is cleared. This will be our week to make it happen.



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