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January 22, 2009

Even worse than the Lag Boss

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Last night we were back in Naxx. We had our dancing shoes on and were ready to learn the safety dance with Heigan. Then my internet connection went out. An hour later it came back and I could hear them handing out loot on Vent. I quickly logged back into WoW and got invited back into the raid. Then the internet connection was lost again. A bit later it came back on and they were just finishing distributing loot from Loatheb. They did both of those fights with just one tank. Even with me back on line we weren’t going to try Patchwerk with just 2 tanks. So we decided to go do the Vault for the 2 easy Emblems of Valor. I got logged on and flew over to Wintergrasp. I was at the instance entrance and waiting for the raid invite when again my internet connection went down.

It had to be about the most frustrating night I have had in a long time. At least the guild was able to get some bosses down. We are determined to clear heroic Naxx this week. We have 3 wings done in the first 2 nights so we should get it done finally. Hopefully people won’t keep screwing up on Thaddius when we get to him. I don’t think Sapphiron and KT are that hard, at least they weren’t on 10 man.

Meanwhile Comcast sent a guy to my house today and he determined the problem is with a line somewhere in my neighborhood or my side of town. He said it would probably be 24-48 hours before it would be fixed. There’s no way to know if I’ll get to raid in the meantime. Earlier today the connection was good for an hour, then down an hour, the good for an hour. Comcast FTL.


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  1. Agreed. The only reason I use Comcast at home is that Fios isn’t available yet 😛

    And if you think that was bad, the bug regarding Wintergrasp/Arenas nearly destroyed our 25 man on Tuesday. Especially with the 2 min CD on lock summons (gg Blizz, gg). Anyway, Saph/KT are imo easier on 25 man. Same with every boss. Due to the fact that losing 1 person isn’t a raid crushing blow. Sure they cripple you a bet as a cadaver, but you’ll be able to continue without much trouble. Good luck on them, hope to see some posts on progress!

    Comment by Fleischmann — January 23, 2009 @ 6:22 am | Reply

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