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January 28, 2009

And other stuff

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Beyond heroic Naxx, I’ve been busy in WoW.

I hate fishing. But I am now level 400 in fishing and have a big supply of fish feasts to supply our raids with buff food.

I started doing Kalu’ak dailies. I want the epic fishing pole for grins. I want to beat a horde to death with a fishing pole. Just a strange urge. I killed one in 3 seconds last night over a rich saronite node in Wintergrasp. I was LMAO. I get owned enough times by Hordies so its all fair.

I’m exalted with everything that you can get exalted with by using a tabbard except Ebon Blade. Almost to Reverred with them.

I spent some time doing 10 man Naxx when I wasn’t wrangling everyone into heroic naxx. We did the construct wing first because a mage wanted some piece of gear, which he got. Then we did the military wing so I could get the Slayer of the Lifeless, which of course did NOT drop. Then we went to the plague wing. We used to use the exploit safe spot on Heigan to avoid the dance. Since the patch fixed the exploit we all must dance. I think I figured it out after 10 tries. 2 of our healers never did. End of raid.

Monday night we did Obsidian. We had too many people signed up so even the raid leaders volunteered to sit out. I was made raid leader. I delegated stuff and just marched through the place in 30 min. I made the guy that never shuts up in charge of calling out everything during the boss fight since he’d do it anyway, lol. We didn’t bother trying to leave a drake up since people wanted to go finish their 10 man Naxx runs.

Tuesday night we were back to heroic Naxx. We had 37 people signed up for a 25 man raid. I had taken some medication that made me too tired to raid anyway so I dropped. Others ended up rolling to see who got a slot. I hear there are some pissed off guildies that have been in the guild a long time didn’t get to go while new people did. I am glad I missed the drama. I hear only 2 wings got cleared. And, of course, Broken Promise dropped for the first time.

We now have 62 people in the guild that are level 80. Only a few aren’t geared or are alts. The GM supposedly has a new plan on who is going to get into the 25 mans. I hope it is a good one.


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