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January 29, 2009

I finally survived the dance

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I really didn’t mind being a “cheat” and using the exploit spot on Heigan. Blizz got rid of the safe spot with the last patch though so I had no choice but to learn to dance.

The first phase is actually pretty forgiving while tanking the boss. I found 4 darker stones that line up that each are pretty much in the different 4 zones. And if I screw up a little the healers can get me through it. The second phase is less forgiving. One of our pally healers has the dance down perfect so I just stayed right on top of him. It took us 3 attempts to get the boss down but that was because others failed in the dance and not me.

So our 10 man was kind of thrown together last night. Besides Heigan we cleared the Plague wing, Military wing, Spider wing and downed Patchwerk. No tanking sword. 😦

I moved my priest alt to a new account several weeks back so my son could play him. He didn’t play last night but another guildie ran my priest since we were short on healers and he ended up getting 3 pieces of gear. The toon is almost to 400 on Beimba.


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