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February 2, 2009

25 for the Dance

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Last night we were back in heroic Naxx. First up was where we left off Thursday night: the Heigan dance. I did the MT job and I can’t say I did a flawless job of it. A couple times I got disoriented but others managed to get me back on track. The people that died did so on phase 2 and that was no fault of mine. The bottom line was Heigan was one-shotted. Yay!

Loetheb has always been a one-shot except the time 20 people got locked out by the door boss. Last night was no exception.

We still had Thaddius in the Construct wing so we headed over there. When will people stop getting killed by frogger? Never, I guess. We had 2 really good attempts on Thaddius but he enraged at about 5%. We only had a couple people down. On the 3rd attempt we only had one person down and we dropped him, just barely before the timer. Having 4 tanks was a problem I guess.

Sapphiron kicked our butts over and over. Melee died quick deaths. People couldn’t stay out of the blizzards. And when everything seemed to go ok, I was getting killed between 20% to 15%. I don’t think there’s any enrage there so I don’t know what was up. Maybe the healers were having mana issues? Not sure. The two other tanks couldn’t taunt in time so we wiped. We’ve only dropped Sapph once before so it’s not like he’s on farm.

We will hopefully be back in Naxx tonight for Sapph and KT. I’m high on EPGP among the tanks so I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Last Laugh drops again.

On a RL note, things aren’t going well at work and I may be looking at scenarios that involve a lot of overtime and thus less raid time. Our guild is going to start rotating¬†MTs anyway. So it looks like my time of raiding 7 nights a week have come to an end. Probably less to blog about too.


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