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February 3, 2009

It’s about Freeking Time!!

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I asked the mage if he wanted a chance to get his 20g from yesterday back and he said yes. A couple dps and a healer chimed in that they wanted in on the run that I had begun calling my “Daily Dose of Disappointment”, aka Utgarde Pinnacle.

The endless wipes on Skadi are a long gone memory. We owned Pinnacle from start to finish and the run went quickly. Of course I’ve run it so many times I know every pull and we are geared to the hilt. And then finally, FINALLY, F I N A L L Y ! ! !, the sword drops. At long last I have the Red Sword of Courage!!! Woot! I was more than happy to give the mage his 20g on the bet.

From there we went and did another timed run of Strat. One of the dps that has been helping with all the Pinnacle runs got the bronze drake. He was stoked.

Then we went into heroic Naxx. We wiped a couple times on Sapph. I kept getting dropped as MT. I finally switched out the frost resist gear for my best avoidance gear and the fight went much better and we dropped him. It was only our second time to drop him. The raid leader got the key to the Eye this time since I got it the first time.

On to KT. Our first attempt was messy. KT did a MC early in phase 2 and that killed a few people. He also did an aggro dump at the same time and he killed a few people that didn’t stop their dps and let me pick him up first. We got him to 25% but there weren’t enough healers left to keep me and the OT alive. The second attempt was close to perfect as we only lost one person the whole fight. I thought for sure the Last Laugh would drop again since I just got the Red Sword but it didn’t. Some caster sword with 500 SP dropped that the mages were all gaga over, lol. It was good to get our 2nd full clear of heroic Naxx! Gratz GBU!

We still had some raid time left so we did a quick Obsidian Sanctuary. I let the other two tanks do all the MT duties. It was the first time I had OT duty on the adds for the boss fight. It was wierd to never even see the boss’ health or know how the fight was going since I was continuously fighting the little fire adds. The MT must have done fine since we one-shotted the boss with no raid deaths. We only had 21 people in the raid and 3 or 4 we brand new raiders. EZ sauce. I picked up the T7.5 gloves. Now that I have a decent tanking weapon I can start working on my T7.5 gear / more avoidance gear. Funny though, the T7.5 gloves have a lot of expertise so they aren’t exactly avoidance.

Dang, what a great night!



  1. Grats! I shall call it my Daily Dose of Disappointment as well.

    Comment by kadomi — February 3, 2009 @ 4:30 pm | Reply

  2. “The second attempt was close to perfect as we only lost one person the whole fight. I thought for sure the Last Laugh would drop again since I just got the Red Sword but it didn’t.”

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one this happens to. The Hero’s Surrender dropped for me the afternoon I got my Titansteel Defender made.

    Comment by Tarsus — February 3, 2009 @ 8:13 pm | Reply

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