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February 18, 2009

Naxx farm, on to EoE

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Been working a lot of OT but still finding some time to raid here and there. We lost several raiders over the last week or two. They were good players and good people. On the one hand I will miss them. On the other, we are still having to rotate people because we have more than 25 people showing up to raids. It is a good thing for the strength of the guild but it means you don’t always get to raid when you are available. I can’t complain. I was the progression MT for months in TBC and for all of Heroic Naxx. It is time to give the other tanks some boss time.

Speaking of Naxx, we are mowing through the place faster and faster. Last week we easily cleared the assigned wings in the 3 nights and had time left over each night. Almost all bosses were one-shots. This week we plan to clear Naxx in 2 nights and then focus on EoE.

My son has been messing around on my priest alt that I had moved to a separate account. He leveled him from 77 to 80, ran some heroics, raided Naxx, etc. The toon has pretty good gear with a Beimba of 430 or so. Anyway, my son is bored of WoW and is playing some Cartoon Network MMO so I started messing around with the priest again last night. All the key bindings were screwy and none of my addons were configured. After about an hour I had him somewhat playable. I still hadn’t healed so much as a 5 man on him since level 70 but at least I could move him around and cast a few spells. And since the raid was full of tanks, yep, my priest was headed for Naxx. Wheeee!

Luckily I didn’t really need to do much. We had plenty of healers and plenty of dps. I was on party heals along with a couple other people. I tried to keep the kamikaze mages alive on the trash pulls, which is pretty much impossible since they just want to die. I managed to stay alive in most of the boss fights and throw some heals, throw a few dps spells and generally just try to get used to my alt again. It was fun in a low pressure kind of way. Then we got to Faerlina. I have never mind controlled before so it was good to give that a try. Of course I screwed it up. The mind control broke before the boss even enraged and then I ended up dead. Ah well, at least we didn’t wipe.

I got a chance to try MC again on Razuvious. It didn’t go any better on the first try. I got screwed up because my targeting key wasn’t keybound where it was supposed to be. It was our only wipe of the night and I got it perfect on the second try. Since I was one of only two priests in the raid, that was the only fight where I was truly needed all night, lol. The rest of the Military wing was one-shot. The Plague wing was easy too. I even danced pretty well for Heigan. It is much easier when you aren’t trying to tank. I did die towards the end when I got behind trying to throw renews on people. On Loatheb I could never figure out the timing on the heals. Luckily we had so many healers mine didn’t really matter. I threw some CoHs when I saw other heals hitting and threw out some gimp dps the rest of the time.

All in all it was a fun raid night. Very different from tanking. 3 wings cleared in 3 hours without rushing at all. Thursday we plan to clear the Construct wing as well as Sapph and KT. The we are going all out on EoE with 2 10 mans Fri/Sat and 25 man on Sun.



  1. Are you actually going to get a chance to Tank Maly on any of those? At current, he’s probably one of my favorite fights to tank because it feels a lot more like days of old where you actually had to worry about your DPS pulling agro – especially if you’re trying to go for the achievement.

    Comment by Tarsus — February 19, 2009 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  2. I think I am going to let the other tanks MT Maly. For one, I have been the progression MT for the guild for most of SSC/TK and all of OS and Naxx. It would be nice for another tank to get the joy of being the progression tank on the first kill of Maly. Second, I have issues with vertigo and the first phase of that fight gives me a lot of trouble. I think the stars moving around in the background are the worst. Third, the other tanks have been practicing in the 10 mans more than I have since I have been working so much lately. So I may be an OT in the 25 man but probably not the MT. You never know though. It all depends on who shows up on the night Maly goes down. All of our tanks are well geared and competent. I think I might still have a slight edge on producing threat.

    Comment by tankette — February 19, 2009 @ 4:27 pm | Reply

  3. Our guild had a successful EoE 10 man on Wednesday. I wasn’t with them but it still feels good to know we got Malygos down for the first time.

    Last night we cleared Naxx again on 25 man. It was the first time we did it in 2 raid nights. We had a few wipes but it was pretty easy. KT won’t drop Last Laugh for me.

    Comment by tankette — February 20, 2009 @ 3:04 pm | Reply

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