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March 11, 2009

5 Tank raiding

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It has been a while so here’s a little catch up. We’ve downed Malygos 3 times now. The fight doesn’t seem too hard for our guild. I really suck at it because the stars in the background make my head spin and I get disoriented. So I was just the OT on the fight. I was pretty useless on a drake too. Ah well, I guess it is ok to get carried by the guild just once. Maly was kind enough to drop the Legplates of Sovereignty for me. I got the quest reward necklace too. It is nice to drop the “Explorer” title for “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” title.

I’ve been spending a lot of WoW time on my Holy Priest lately. I got him all  the way through 10 man Naxx last week and he’s run all but 3 heroics. He’s getting really well geared with a Beimba score of around 470. Tankette just hit 502.

On to the main topic. Last night we had a fresh Naxx heroic run. As usual we had too many tanks wanting to go but this time we just took them all instead of making some sit and finding more DPS. So we rolled into Spider wing sporting 2 Prot Warriors, 2 Prot Pallies and a DK Tank . . . and we slaughtered everything in record time and had a blast doing it. I equiped my best threat gear so I was at 51 expertise, 225 hit and somewhere around 1250 BV and 4000 AP with all the buffs. I wasn’t worried about avoidance for any of the bosses because I knew that if I died during a boss fight there were plenty of tanks ready and able to jump right in and take over. It was so much fun to see my threat climb on Omen on the boss fights and leave the mages behind for a change.

On recent Naxx runs we had been trying to spread the MT duties around. Last night the raid leader had me MT most of the bosses we came too and cut out the time thinking about who’s turn it was. Some fights he had other tanks MT, like Grobbulus because one of the Pally tanks has that fight down to a science. And then I admit I still suck at the Heigan fight. My vertigo is just too bad to handle the MT job on that fight. So the other Prot Warrior handles that fight.

Surprisingly our DPS was still strong even with 5 tanks. We set a couple new time records on boss fights. Most of all, we took what is rapidly getting to be a boring run and made it fun again by speeding up the pace. We disenchant a lot of the loot in the first 4 wings but many of us, like me with Last Laugh, need loot from KT or Sapphiron. So we took what is becoming drudgery of the first 4 wings and flew through it in 1 night. 13 bosses in slightly more than 3 hours and only 1 wipe (Thaddius, at 300K health – a couple missed the jump, somebody had an emergency afk). I’m sure that’s no world record but it was the best out guild has ever done, and we did it with 5 tanks.

PS We’ve dropped Sartharion with one drake up two times now. We keep trying it on off nights. If we can get a solid 25 raid we shouldn’t have any trouble doing 2 drakes. Probably get 3 drakes before Ulduar.



  1. 3 Drakes is a rather large step up – it takes a dedicated group, that’s ready to pull out the stops, and wipe plenty of times along the way.

    I strongly recommend that your guild focus OS+3 – you’ll be far better players for it, as opposed to only slightly better geared ones (which farming naxx will do).

    Comment by Yakra — March 11, 2009 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

  2. Tank DPS is quite respectable, no doubt. This is especially true with good gear.

    I have no idea how many raids you run per week, but doing Sarth-3D is definitively worth the pain. It is the only achievement at the moment that gives you an actual gear reward for a reason. Not to mention that the item quality you get is higher. Splitting the difference may be worth the time, but if you have to choose, choose Three Drakes.

    Comment by Tarsus — March 11, 2009 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

  3. Sounds like your guild/group is progressing well! I currently am only running ten man naxx, it is great fun and is tuned for easy progression. I enjoy being able to clear all 4 wings after just 5 weeks of trying with fresh 80s.

    Comment by malista — March 15, 2009 @ 9:26 pm | Reply

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