Tankette’s Rambles


July 29, 2008 Update

This blog is about my raiding and other WoW adventures. There are plenty of sites that provide good advice for tanking or healing like http://tankingtips.com , http://tankhard.com and http://plusheal.com . I’m not an expert at much of anything in WoW to worry about giving advice. No, this blog is basically for me to ramble about my latest victories and defeats. I hope you find it somewhat entertaining. I appreciate your comments, especially if you have some advice that may help me out in the next raid! Maybe I might mention something that you hadn’t thought of too.

My son got me started on WoW in August 2007. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons back when all we had were books and dice – decades ago. WoW just brought back all that fun and it became a daily obsession for me. A year later, I’m still hooked and enjoying myself tremendously.

My main is Tankette, a female dwarf protection warrior. I got her to level 70 early in 2008 and started raiding in March 2008. She currently has most of the available badge gear as well as some good pieces from ZA and SSC. She’s pretty well geared for the content our guild is running (ZA, SSC and hopefully TK soon). 

Although not my main, my first character is Gius, a male dwarf holy priest that I also play a lot. Healing has always been fun for me. Gius has always been holy, which I guess slowed down his leveling up. Gius hit 70 finally in June 2008. I spent a lot of gold on tailored gear for him so he is currently pretty well geared for only having done 2 Kara runs. Gius is available if the guild is short on healers for a raid AND is full on tanks (which hasn’t happened much lately, lol).

I feel like I have had a very successful raiding career so far on Tankette. I owe it all to the awesome guild I am in, The Good, Bad and Ugly. I am particularly loyal and greatful to our GM, Ttrust, that has been so much fun to raid with, has patience of epic proportions and has always kept pushing me. He convinced me to go to Kara before I thought I was ready. It went so well that I’ve been raiding just about every night since. I went from complete noob raider to participating in guild first boss kills of Lurker, Hydross, Leo, Akil’zon, Halazzi and Jan’alai.

Despite my successes, I know I am far from the most skilled player or raider. But I sure have a lot of fun, especially when my son and his fried (70 mage and 70 warlock) are raiding with me.

I hope you enjoy reading my rambles.


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