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January 23, 2009

Back in action, sorta

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I only had a couple short disconnects last night so at least I was able to participate in the raid. With 3 wings down, we/I have been thinking this would be our week to finally clear heroic Naxx. After last night I am not so hopefull.

We had a quick wipe on Patchwerk. I guess the healers weren’t ready. We got him down on the second attempt and it was pretty much a flawless fight.

Grobbulus was frustrating. I know from learning the fight that it isn’t one of the easiest and there are lots of opportunities to screw up. The first time Grob spewed his slime we got 3 adds. WTF? We struggled on but every time he spewed slimes we got multiple adds. We had a couple new people that hadn’t done the fight that dropped clouds in a bad spot. People died trying to go drop off their cloud from running through an existing one. It was like we had never done the fight before. The second and third attempts went about the same. We kept thinking the DK that was melee dps was causing the extra slime adds but he was adamant it wasn’t him. It was him. Beyond that, we had one attempt going very well until the DK popped army of dead at about 25%. The ghouls ran all over the place picking up slime adds and taking them away from the OTs. Eventually the ghouls died leaving the slimes all over the casters. At last we told the DK to stay away from the boss the entire fight and not to use his army of dead under any circumstances. Guess what? Only 1 slime add at a time and the fight went perfect. Grob went down and we had no raid deaths.

The Gluth fight wasn’t pretty. One of the OT’s taunted the boss from me while picking up adds. At least 3 times Gluth got to eat one of his zombies, giving him an extra 15%. The fight took forever but we still got the one-shot.

We were still fail on Thaddius. I missed the jump like a noob. People weren’t switching quickly enough when their charges changed. We ended up with about 20 people that stayed alive and knew what they were doing. Unfortunately the 5 that were dead were some of our top DPS. Thaddius enraged at 40%. The second attempt was a repeat.

Raid time was over and I had mixed emotions. On the one hand, the fights had been ugly and we were far from on our game. On the other hand, we have 3 bosses left and 4 more nights before the reset. This could still be our week to finally clear heroic Naxx. I don’t know why it is sucha big deal to me but it is. It seems like such a huge milestone for our guild.

Now for the real pisser: The raid leaders decided we should do 10 mans on Fri and Sat, 25 man Obsidian on Monday and only having Sunday night to finish heroic Naxx. There is just no way we are going to clear 3 new bosses in one night. I haven’t been so down on our guild and WoW in general ever.


January 22, 2009

Even worse than the Lag Boss

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Last night we were back in Naxx. We had our dancing shoes on and were ready to learn the safety dance with Heigan. Then my internet connection went out. An hour later it came back and I could hear them handing out loot on Vent. I quickly logged back into WoW and got invited back into the raid. Then the internet connection was lost again. A bit later it came back on and they were just finishing distributing loot from Loatheb. They did both of those fights with just one tank. Even with me back on line we weren’t going to try Patchwerk with just 2 tanks. So we decided to go do the Vault for the 2 easy Emblems of Valor. I got logged on and flew over to Wintergrasp. I was at the instance entrance and waiting for the raid invite when again my internet connection went down.

It had to be about the most frustrating night I have had in a long time. At least the guild was able to get some bosses down. We are determined to clear heroic Naxx this week. We have 3 wings done in the first 2 nights so we should get it done finally. Hopefully people won’t keep screwing up on Thaddius when we get to him. I don’t think Sapphiron and KT are that hard, at least they weren’t on 10 man.

Meanwhile Comcast sent a guy to my house today and he determined the problem is with a line somewhere in my neighborhood or my side of town. He said it would probably be 24-48 hours before it would be fixed. There’s no way to know if I’ll get to raid in the meantime. Earlier today the connection was good for an hour, then down an hour, the good for an hour. Comcast FTL.

January 21, 2009

The toughest boss of all

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Lag. We were determined to raid last night no matter what. Our server kept crashing so just getting to Naxx was a challenge. Northrend crashed about every 5 to 10 minutes so we had most of the raid go to Ironforge. From there we used Warlock summons to get people into Naxx one at a time.

We were safe from the crashes and disconnects while we were in Naxx but the Lag Boss was still formidible. Several times we thought about calling the raid but we would say, “lets just give it one try”. The Spider wing has become very easy for us but the lag made it a challenge. Each boss kill was down to the wire and just barely a victory but we managed to one-shot the three bosses.

We again thought about calling the raid but decided to give the Plague wing a try. Noth the Plaguebringer was tough since many time the curses couldn’t be dispelled because of the lag. And the adds went from showing up at a spawn point, being stuck there for 2 seconds, and then all the sudden they “blinked” straight into all our clothies. Again, it was a very close fight but we one-shotted him.

Heigan was next. Our guild hasn’t danced and frankly I think we will have a hard time learning it. We have used the safe spot near the back door to nuke Heigan down with no dance. Well, we now need to learn the dance because the safe spot apparently was fixed with the patch. Given the lag, we decided it was a bad night to learn to dance.

So we turned tail and went to the Military wing. Our priests have the Razuvious fight down. Even with lag it was easy. Gothik the Harvester was more difficult. Again, mobs would freeze at their spawn point and then “blink” past the tanks towards the healers. We wiped right when the boss came out. We got him down on the second attempt. The lag seemed to lessen by the time we got to the 4 Horsemen. The single target taunt that the pallies now have really helped make the fight easier too. We one-shotted the 4 Horsemen and called it for the night.

We changed our raid plans for this week. Every night is 25 man Naxx until it is cleared. This will be our week to make it happen.

January 20, 2009


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We didn’t get a chance to try to finish Heroic Naxx last night. The second Naxx 10 man still had KT to drop and they had a very hard time. I don’t know how many attempts it took them but they were in there at least 3 hours before they got the kill.

Meanwhile the 10 from my Naxx group moved on to Malygos. We tried several different strategies but just couldn’t get through the first phase. Managing the sparks was a problem. People getting killed in the whilwinds was an even bigger problem. Our best attempt was about 60%. The strategy that seemed to work the best was to have a ranged dps at each spawn point for the sparks and them to kill them ASAP. I tanked Maly dead center on the disc. We had tried kiting him around previously but every time a whirlwind ended he’d end up getting a spark just after.

It didn’t help that I was tired. I made mistakes that were just dumb. On the last attempt I had trouble with getting Maly positioned on the initial pull and he killed half the raid with his arcane breath. All I could do was laugh. Sometimes a big screw up provides good entertainment.

It is a new week now. I’m hoping for 2 more 10 man Naxx clears and our first Heroic Naxx clear. I doubt we’ll get a kill on Malygos but hoefully we can at least get the first phase down.

January 19, 2009

And then there’s even more Naxx

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Naxx has become my new home. I think I’ve been in there every night for at least two weeks.

Last night we were doing heroic. We left off on Thursday night with 3 wings cleared and several wipes on Grobbulus. With everyone refreshed and ready to go we one-shotted him in what seemed to be an easy fight.

On to Gluth, who we’d never faced in heroic before. Most of us had downed him in 10 man so we knew the fight, well, except for the fact he hits a little harder. I charged in and quickly moved him to the back wall. The problem was my healers weren’t so fast and I dropped. An OT picked up Gluth but it was chaos after that. Gluth kept absorbing the adds and after 3 minutes he was back to 100% health. I moved slower to the back wall the next attempt and the healers made sure they ran to get into position. We had our two pally OT’s deal with the adds and I had a dps DK with me to taunt when I had too much of the debuff. The debuffs kept coming and my health was just fine. At the 5th stack I asked the DK to taunt. He did and just had to survive 5 seconds for my debuff to clear. He died right as the debuff came off. I taunted and we were back in action. Gluth’s health was dropping steadily and the adds were all being handled perfectly. When I was back at 5 stacks of the debuff I had a ret pally taunt. Again, I had it timed to where I only needed 5 seconds to clear the debuff. I got my 5 seconds but the ret pally died. I taunted and we continued on. When I had 5 stacks again I hit shield wall. At 6 stacks I hit last stand. And then Gluth fell. Another new boss kill for our guild.

Thaddius was our IQ check. I was the first to fail. I kept joking that the jump was further on heroic than the 10 man since I kept missing the jumps. We also learned the hard way that if you miss the jump and don’t have a charge, you will shock both positives and negatives. You have to wait until you have a charge and then jump to that side. Beyond that, we had people that just failed to move when their charge changed. Lag? Brain fatique? Just not paying attention? I don’t know but we wiped about 8 times before calling it. Our best attempt was 28%. He hit enrage at that point. Too many dps had died early in the fight. Oh well, I think we’ll be in there again tonight.

As for 10 mans, I insisted this week that our GM come to my raid instead of the other 10 man. Similar to last week, the first raid group started Friday night at 6 server. They had some struggles. Our raid started 2 hours later and we one-shotted almost every boss we came to. We ended the night on Grobbulus with the other 3 wings down. The other raid group was still running when ours quit and they just finished their 3rd wing.

Saturday night I had no internet service. I checked every 5 minutes for hours, pissed. My internet connection didn’t return until mid day Sunday. Luckily my 10 man was able to find a second tank and they continued on without me. Apparently lag and dc’s were a major problem. The finally got Grobbulus down after 5 tries. It took them 2 tries for Gluth and then they one-shotted Thaddius. They made a few attempts on Sapphiron but never got close. The other 10 man group had better luck and cleared the Construct win and dropped Sapphiron.

We scheduled to finish off both of these 10 mans on Monday night. But since we only have 3 bosses to go on heroic, I figured the 10 mans will get brushed aside. So after we failed on our heroic run with Thadius, I managed to get my 10 man back together. It was late but we only had 2 bosses. Sapphiron gave us trouble because the Ice Storm spell (Blizzard) always seemed to move on top of us when we were hiding behind the ice blocks from the ice blast. At least it took only a few minutes to make another attempt after a wipe. I think it took 7 tries but we got him down. We gave the key to Eye of Eternity to our GM. It was a cool moment.

KT was all that was left. We had 5 people that hadn’t done the fight before so we spent extra time explaining everything. Healers knew where to stand, melee new where to stand. The hunter knew when to misdirect, etc. Phase one went well until the very end. I was tanking an abomination when another one came from my blind side. I saw him and went to pick him up but he one-shotted a healer. Going into phase 2 with only 2 healers had me worried but we hung on. At phase 3 I had one of the adds misdirected to me. Something happened on the second misdirect because the add went after another healer. I found him and taunted him but again a healer was killed. That healer was a priest so he could keep healing for a while after death. That kept me going as I quickly built threat on both adds and then got back onto the boss. At 30% there was just one healer to keep me alive with the boss and two adds beating on me. She struggled but I was staying alive. It looked bad at 20% so I hit shield wall. That helped the healer get me back to full health. At 10% it was looking desperate again so I hit Last Stand. Then a healing potion. Then a health stone. And then KT was dead! It wasn’t as sweet as my first KT kill last week but it still felt good. Seeing the achievements pop up for 5 more people, including our GM and another one of our raid leaders, was great too.

Tonight I guess it will be more Naxx. If we can get 25 people that can focus there’s no reason we can’t get Thaddius down at a minimum. There’s really no reason we can’t get our first clear. And after we do that the other 10 man can go finish KT in their raid. It will be sweet to have 2 10 man Naxx clears as well as our first 25 man Naxx clear all in one week.

January 15, 2009

And more Naxx

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Late Monday night we got our 10 man Naxx going again. Having never really made a serious attempt at Sapphiron I wasn’t optimistic. We figured it was worth a shot though with the reset looming for the next morning.

Sapphiron turned out to be fairly easy. I was the only one with frost resist so its obviously not needed. It took 2 wipes to learn positioning. The third attempt took a long time but we downed him with no deaths.

Kel’Thuzad was a little tougher. Our OT had to drop after a few attempts so I ended up trying to solo tank everything. That got pretty tough on the last 40% when the 2 big adds come out. Our first several wipes were from not getting people that got put in the ice blocks healed quickly enough. We had 3 healers so it was just a matter of getting them spaced throughout the raid. With that problem solved we wiped 2 times because I was taking so much damage tanking the 2 adds plus KT. Again the healers adjusted and figured out how to keep me alive through it all. KT went down and we got our first clear of Naxx on 10 man. Heroic mode isn’t far away.

We gave Malygos about 10 tries last night but didn’t do better than 57%. Horrible frame rates were our biggest challenge. The first phase doesn’t seem too hard.

January 12, 2009

Naxx, Naxx and more Naxx

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We once again had about 25 or so people ready to raid on Friday night. Our GM was determined that we were running 10 mans though. The first 10 man raid group was quickly assembled and left for Naxx at 6 server. I opted for “the late run” starting at 8 server. When 8 came around we had 17 people wanting to go. Me, the pally tank, and 3 healers were set. The dps all rolled to see who got to go. I was pretty disappointed with who won because we ended up with 4 melee dps and only one ranged, a mage I had never run with.

Turns out that I was lucky in the raid I got. The first 10 man was struggling. My 10 man one-shotted everything in the Spider wing. Then we one-shotted everything in the Plague wing. Then we one-shotted everything in the Military wing. We stopped at 11 server. Meanwhile the other raid struggled with every boss. They got through the Spider and Plague wing. The Military wing gave them even more trouble and they couldn’t get past the 4 Horsemen in the end.

Saturday night we tried to keep the same raids going. The first group again organized quickly and got going again at 6 server. My raid was itching to go but one of my favorite healers wasn’t on yet so I stalled. The rest of the raid was ready to go and said to replace him. At 7 server I brought in a replacement healer, my son who didn’t really feel like raiding, and I changed our destination to Obsidian Sanctuary. We mowed through the place as usual. We really ought to try leaving a drake up but we didn’t. On to Naxx. My son dropped so we went in with 9. I told the raid we’d clear trash in the Construct wing and if we got to Patchwerk before the healer got on line we’d again find a replacement. The healer logged on just as we were pulling the first of the trash mobs.

We had a couple of the melee from Friday night replaced with ranged. Not by any choice, the original guys just weren’t on. The raid continued to rock though. Patchwerk was a one shot. We only had one kill of Grobbulus ever, which had taken at least 20 attempts, so I was dreading the fight. This time we got it done in only 3 attempts. Considering only 2 of us had been in the previous kill I thought that was really good. We had the pally tank MT while I handled the slime adds. We came close to one-shotting Gluth but the pally tank got killed while kiting all the adds. We got him the second time.

Now were were in uncharted territory since none of us had been beyond Gluth. I had read up on Thaddius and the fight sounded hard. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Having the tanks thrown between the platforms in the beginning was fun. Somehow we lost 2 dps on the jump down to Thaddius. We got some practice handling the charges at least. With 2 dps down we couldn’t beat the enrage timer. Our second attempt was pretty much flawless and Thaddius went down. Guild first for 10 man. 4 Wings cleared. It was late by then but we went and gave Sapphiron a half hearted attempt just to see the fight. Sapphiron looks pretty cool and I think the fight will be fun. I got 3 pieces of frost resist gear made to help. I am hoping we’ll get in there again tonight.

The other 10 man raid didn’t go so well. After another 10 failed attempts on 4 Horsemen one of the tanks gave up and went to do pvp. The rest of the raid was not happy about that. Down but not out, the melee dps warrior respecced to prot, changed some gear and was ready to give it a shot. Another dps came in to take his dps spot. I think it took 3 more tries but they got 4 Horsemen down. The dps turned prot warrior was a hero. They went on and killed Patchwerk but gave up after a few attempts on Grobbulus because it was so late.

Sunday night we were back in Naxx with 25. We had left off on Thursday with several failed attempts on 4 Horsemen. It took a few attempts but we finally got the kill. It was an ugly kill with only 8 of us alive at the end but we did it. 3 wings cleared on heroic Naxx bumped us up a little on the progression for guilds on our server.

We went on to Patchwerk. The heroic version seems a ton tougher than the 10 man. I finally got to where I just quit watching my health since it was beyond my control. I made sure to have TClap, Demoralizing Shout and Commanding Shout all up and just focused on dps. I was taking hatefull strikes at about 22K a pop. I was hit twice in a row (no dodge or parry) and got no heal in between. I was down and we wiped at 80%. On the second attempt the healers kicked butt and we took Patch down. The MT died at 1% but he was the only raid death.

Grobbulus with 25 people dealing with injections, adds, etc. was something I dreaded. We got in there without much time left in the raid so we figured we just let everyone see the fight. It turns out that everyone caught on quick. It helped that 2 10 man groups had seen the fight the night before. We got him to 40% on the first try. That was a pleasant surprise so we figured we would give it just one more try. Everyone was on their game. It is just such a great feeling when all 25 have their heads on straight and stay focused. Globbulus was dropped on our second attempt. Another new boss down for GBU.

Oh ya, I forgot that the Heroes Surrender dropped off of Patchwerk and I picked it up. Its not only one of, if not the, best tanking shields in the game, it looks pretty darn cool too.

Yep, it was another great weekend of raids. Naxx is starting to feel like home. Monday is typically a non raid night for our guild but I imagine we’ll end up back in Naxx tonight. I’d like to finish off Naxx in 10 man with just Sapphiron and Kethulzad left to go but it would also be pretty sweet to finish off the Construct wing with 25. We now have 26 people with Beimba scores over 400. A full clear isn’t far away.

January 9, 2009

Gothik down, Beimba up

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Another raid night and another boss down. Our raids keep progressing on a steady pace. We had started last week with only the Spider wing ever cleared before in heroic Naxx. We finished that week with Spider Wing, Plague Wing cleared and our first kill of Patchwerk.

So this week we were ready to move forward but we always start with clearing the bosses we’ve done previously. We started Tuesday’s night’s raid with Obsidian Sanctuary. We mowed through the place with ease. We really ought to be trying to leave a drake up but unsuccessful attempts would eat up too much time. From there we took a brief detour to the Vault in Wintersgrasp. A lot of the times the loot there isn’t worth much but 2 easy Emblems of Valor in about 10 minutes is a good bargain. Then we hit Naxx. The Spider Wing has been on farm a couple weeks so it wasn’t a big surprise to one-shot all 3 bosses. The efficiency was quite commendable though and soon we were on to the Plague Wing. We only killed the Plague Wing bosses for the first time last week so when we once again one-shotted the whole wing we were really stoked. 3 hours, 8 bosses, 12 Emblems of Valor, no wipes. I don’t think we have ever had such a flawless raid night.

Wednesday we were supposed to form 2 ten man Nax groups. Instead we had 25 back in Naxx again, on our “off night”. I posted about it yesterday but we finally got the priests trained enough on the MC to get Razuvious down. We had time to try Gothik the Harvester, who kicked our butts.

Last night, one of our regular raid nights, we went back to Gothik with a strong determination to learn whatever we had to learn and get him down. We found that just shifting one person between the dead side and the live side made one side able to survive and the other wipe. What finally worked was having me, a pally tank and a dps DK tank the live side and a druid tank, pally tank and a warrior tank on the dead side. We kept getting closer and closer with each attempt but just as the live side would barely complete the adds the dead side would get overwhelmed. We finally got practiced enough at tanking all the mobs that we could slow down our kills towards the end of the fight and thus the dead side didn’t get overwhelmed. I can’t remember how many wipes we had but it was a lot. Our raiders were determined but patient and it finally paid off with a kill. We won’t go back for the 4 Horsemen until Sunday but I am pretty confident we’ll have our 3rd wing cleared this week.

Our gear keeps getting better and better. I’ve been tracking all our raiders’ Beimba scores and pushing everyone to get every upgrade they can. I get irritated with people that have a poor item that could be replaced with something crafted. There’s no shortage of people willing to help with mats.

I’ve set a standard that no one should be in our raids if their Beimba score is below 300. Those people wouldn’t be able to contribute much to a raid anyway and they just haven’t made much effort to get geared. I don’t think they should be carried and given epics. Between 300 and 400 I think is marginal but ok. These people have been at least making some attempts to get geared. Some were slower to hit 80, perhaps.

Those over 400 I think are adequately geared for a full clear of heroic Naxx. Of our 50 or so raiders, 18 now score over 400. There were only 12 last week and only 4 the week before. We have obviously been handing out a lot of boss loot and people have also supplemented with epics from heroics and emblems of heroism. My prediction is that when we get a raid with all 25 people with scores over 400 we will have a full clear of heroic Naxx.

January 8, 2009

Razuvious Down, Gothik troubles

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We finally got enough healers in the raid to be able to spare 2 Priests on MC duty and still have adequate heals. It still took about 6 attempts before the priests got a hang of the tanking rotation. I think we had over 20 attempts in the last couple weeks but we finally got the kill.

We went on to Gothik the Harvester. This guy was one shotted every time we faced him in 10 man mode. The fight was much tougher in 25 man mode. I was tanking the “live” side by myself on the first two attempts. I could get to about the 4th wave before it got out of controll. We brought in a second tank for our side and we got a little further along but we still couldn’t keep control of all the adds and they eventually took down all our healers and dps. Adding a dps DK to off tank still didn’t get the jobe done.

These kind of fights are my worst nightmare, trying to hold aggro on 10+ mobs at a time. Skadi in Utgarde Pinnacle and the 3rd boss encounter in Halls of Stone are similar. No matter how geared out I get these fights are painful.

I’m open to any ideas anyone has on the Gothik fight. I switched out some of my tanking gear for more AP to make my Thunderclaps do more  threat but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

January 6, 2009

War Bears for all

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My guild decided to get war bears last night. Killing city bosses turned out to be a lot of fun and really easy.

We got a little resistance from Horde players in Ogrimar but not enough to come close to stopping us. I think there might have been as many as ten of them but they had no chance against 40 well coordinated people, the vast majority of which were level 80 and geared.

Thunderbluff was even easier with only 3 or 4 Horde players trying to defend. Similar in Silverymoon. Undercity was completely undefended.

It took less than an hour for us to defeat all the Horde city bosses for the achievement and it was a nice break from Naxx. I like that the vast majority of our guildies have the same war bear mount now. It adds a sense of being on a team. I was getting tired of riding my giant Ice Mammoth anyway.

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