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August 14, 2008

WoTLK anxiety, lifted somewhat

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Am I alone in dreading WoTLK? I have too much yet to see and do in TBC.

My guild isn’t the most casual of raiding guilds but it is far from hardcore either. We have had some progression recently. I think we will continue to progress and drop new bosses. But the progression won’t be at a break neck pace. If WoTLK comes out as scheduled in November our guild may have found its way into BT by then but I really doubt we’ll have dropped Illidan. There’s pretty much no chance to drop a boss in Sunwell.

I guess if I was really so obsessed to seeing all these end game raids I could guild hop to a guild further along in progression or even to a guild that raids 5 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Neither option appeals to me. I decided that win, lose, succeed, fail, progression, regression . . . I am sticking with my guild. I choose loyalty over seeing end game content.

But wait! Our guild leader gave us a promise that really helps lift my anxiety about WoTLK. When the expansion comes out, beyond just questing together and doing the new instances together, we are going to have at least one night a week to do 25 mans on TBC content. Yay! Maybe we will all be level 75 at the time but we WILL down Illidan and the bosses in Sunwell. Sure, it won’t be the same experience as if we were to do it at level 70 but at least I will get to see it all.

I will still cheer if WoTLK’s release get’s delayed.



  1. Feeling the expansion coming up is taking over the fun I have and want to have. I still don’t get the concept of changing it all again, need to relevel etc. Why wouldn’t they only release patches that add some new content (raids, gear, etc). In my opinion the most important things that are brought with expansions could be implemented via patches only (like patch 2.4 that brought SWP for example).

    Another thing that would make expansion better from my perspective would be to get rid of the new level cap: it only gets people new abilities that either nerf a class or boost it, or tends to equalize (ie removes interest from playing that one particular class). last thing it does: it basically makes some dungeons and raids completely obsolete.

    I discovered the game just after TBC released. I know a couple 5man dungeons from before the expansion, and I know none of the raids. It’s really hard to get a group to go there and I will probably never do. Still I had to pay for the game and the expansion basically to only play the expansion.

    Rince and repeat with the new expansion. Man, I just wish they delay that as much as possible. 😮

    I apologize for the few people done raiding sunwell (anyone know what the percentage is? or will be when WoTLK releases?) that can’t wait to see more content.


    Comment by Hus — August 14, 2008 @ 9:27 pm | Reply

  2. I too never saw all the level 60 raids other than about 30 minutes in Molten Core. I’m determined to see all of the level 70 raids though.

    The new level cap doesn’t bother me that much. All the new abilities I am less sure about as I don’t want to have to spend tons of time to relearn how to play my class.

    I’ve seen screen shots of the new flying mounts. I’ll be getting a dragon for sure!

    Comment by tankette — August 15, 2008 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  3. I tend not to worry about the new expansion. I dont quite get why ppl do either – I mean, its a game. Its for entertainment purposes. What about that shiney new blue you got at lvl 25: did you spend your play time anxiously worrying that it would soon get replaced? I dont think so; you enjoy it while you have it, then you move on. In fact, constantly replacing gear, upgrading skills, going to new content, is the essence of the game. Why be victimized by it?

    Btw, I’m in a “hardcore” guild and we certainly dont raid 30 hours per week. We’re in BT right now, and I’m sure we’ll see some of sunwell before wrath. And in my experience, the best hardcore guilds tend to raid less actual hours, and make more progress, then the mediocre guilds. To put it simply: its because they’ve got their shit together.

    Comment by John — August 15, 2008 @ 6:26 pm | Reply

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